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  • Really easy and not stressful as I thought it would be, the staff on the phone were brilliant (Mrs Evans)
  • Very easy (Ms Coleman)
  • Very pleased. Very straightforward. Michelle and Alison very supportive. (Mr Atherton)
  • Very good, efficient service (Mrs Sellick)
  • Spot on, very pleased (Mr Wilson)
  • Very positive (Mrs Liechti)
  • Surrenda-link made a difficult situation (due to remarriage and change of name) simple, easier and quicker (Mrs Pilkington)
  • Easy to complete (Mr Owen)
  • Very pleased with the overall service and the speed of the surrender & payment (Mr Thompson)
  • Attentive, thorough & professional (Mrs Marriott)
  • Very good (Mrs Reed)
  • Very good. I was kept informed and all questions dealt with very quickly. Thank you (Mrs Small)
  • Excellent. Clear and simple. Don’t understand why more people don’t use the service. Would do so again. (Mr Keegan)
  • Excellent (Mr McFadzean)
  • Very pleased, the whole thing was very smooth without any problems (Mr Warne)
  • The whole process was very swift and smooth from start to finish – very pleased with the entire transaction (Mrs Lumsden)
  • As I have used Surrenda-link before, my experience has always been excellent. (Mr Scottow)
  • Excellent throughout. Was informed immediately of any developments. (Mr Yardley)
  • A very friendly, quick and efficient service. Thank you  (Mr Chalk)
  • We found Surrenda-link's communication to be excellent and were impressed with the speed and efficiency in which the process was conducted. It's refreshing to do business with a company that exceeds your expectations. (Mr Edwards)
  • Very happy and friendly, worked very fast to get the proceeds into our bank. Thank you. (Mr Sims)
  • Hassle free and efficient. (Mrs Bond)
  • Excellent. A fast and efficient service. (Mr Swan)
  • Very easy process, thanks to clear explanation from courteous and knowledgeable staff. (Mr Anderson)
  • An efficient, straightforward and entirely customer friendly experience. (Mr Sargent)
  • Very straightforward & faster than anticipated. Staff were very helpful. Would recommend to others. (Miss Gough)
  • Very Good (Mr Tatnell)
  • Excellent service. (Mrs Andrews)
  • I am very satisfied with the service I received by Surrenda-link (Mr Plaha)
  • Straight forward and a good deal easier than we imagined (Mr Price)
  • Very good. (Mrs Stephens)
  • Excellent service (Mr Iceton)
  • No issues, very well done (Mr Dervey)
  • Excellent service and easy to understand. Process was quick and straightforward. Many thanks! (Mr Keenan)
  • Very good (Mr Brady)
  • Excellent. Good regular contact. (Mrs Jowett)
  • Efficient & professional. Calls made were always answered or dealt with in the same day. (Mr Harrison)
  • It was simple & straightforward. They helped ensure the policy was free to be assigned by my previous lender (Mrs Taylor)
  • Very easy, clear & concise - process is good. (Mr McNally)
  • Very easy (Mr Stephen)
  • Excellent (Mr Southgate)
  • Transparent & expeditious (Ms Callum)
  • All email and postal correspondence was both quick and helpful, funds were transferred as soon as all documents had been reassigned - very happy with your service (Mr Barr)
  • Excellent customer service, kept informed all the way through the process, fast, efficient, would definitely recommend. (Mrs Eden)
  • A smooth & easy operation. (Mr Buttery)
  • Excellent. Great communication throughout and very smooth service. (Mr Watson)
  • Very good - would recommend. (Mr Ingamells)
  • Excellent throughout the whole process. Totally efficient and professional. Could not have been any better service. (Mr McNeil)
  • Very simple and positive (Mr Mitchell)
  • Painless (Mr Robson)
  • Extremely easy (Mr Claxton)
  • Selling via Surrenda-link was straight forward, faster than expected and hassle free. A professional experience. (Mr O'Shea)
  • Good. (Mrs Williams)
  • Excellent experience. First class! (Mrs Welford)
  • Very helpful and friendly service. I would recommend to others. (Mr Welford)
  • Excellent. I would recommend your services, in fact I already have. (Mr Powles)
  • Excellent (Mrs Jones)
  • The whole thing was so easy, I expected loads of red tape and could not believe it was so easy. Thanks (Mr Batty)
  • Fantastic. The whole process was very simple. Thanks for such wonderful service. I will ensure to recommend your company to any friends looking to cash in their endowment policies. (Mr Payne)
  • All went smoothly and trouble free. No problems. (Ms Ross)
  • Fast and straight forward (Mr Griffiths)
  • Excellent (Mr Pool)
  • Great speedy service (Mr Bright)
  • Quick and efficient - easy and stress free process (Mrs Moore)
  • Positive (Mr Johnstone)
  • Very good (Mrs Chapman)
  • Very good. I would recommend to friends (Mr Rhodes)
  • Very straight forward. No unexpected hitches or problems (Mr Killeen)
  • Excellent service (Mrs Tack)
  • Very good. We were kept informed throughout and it was very straightforward (Mr Thompson)
  • Painless (Miss Goff)
  • Excellent (Ms Corti)
  • Very good, simple efficient service (Mr Charles)
  • Quick and Easy (Mrs Tilbury)
  • Excellent. Monies were received promptly (Miss Lock)
  • Absolutely Brilliant - Thank you (Mr Chrisostomou)
  • Excellent service throughout. I do not see how any element of service could be improved. (Mrs Brabin)
  • Your service was excellent. (Mrs Summers)
  • Very good service. (Mr Cook)
  • You were very helpful as I didn't have my original policy and only had a copy and you got this sorted out quickly. I had never heard of you and I work in finance but as you were on the website and Martin's Money page, I was confident to use you. (Ms Gray)
  • Excellent service. (Ms Tebbutt)
  • Excellent service - can't think of any improvements. (Mr Lamb)
  • Good service. (Mr Barclay)
  • Process was painless and quick. Thank you. (Mr Stratford)
  • My whole experience from first quote until receiving proceeds was a clear smooth process. (Mr Keep)
  • I found the whole process clear and trouble free. (Mr Risbridger)
  • The process was problem free (Mr Ross)
  • Perfectly happy with an easy to fill in form. (Mrs Frankland)
  • Very good service (Mr Duguid)
  • Most impressed with your service. (Mr Cunningham)
  • I was honestly very happy with the service. (Mrs Duffy)
  • None! First class service - well done! Friendly, professional staff. (Mrs Williams)
  • First class professional service all round, very difficult to improve on that. I telephoned your office twice and received courteous and expert advice on both occasions. (Mr Hunter)
  • Service was uniformly excellent  (Mr Gotaas)
  • Excellent Service  (Mr Barker)
  • Entirely happy with all aspects of the service offered  (Mrs Kelly)
  • I received an excellent service from your company  (Mr Talbot)
  • The service is very good and very prompt  (Mr Clayden)
  • Amazing level of Customer Service and thank you. Well done. I will be blogging about how great my experience was. (Mr Ferbrache)
  • Was very happy with the overall service and cannot think of anything you need to change (Mr Williams)
  • We have been totally satisfied with the service SL provided (Mr Greer)
  • Great service - I sold / cashed in 3 policies, you were the fastest by far! (and the least hassle!) Very pleased! (Mrs Constable)
  • Surrenda-link generally buys policies that:
  • Are 5 years old or more
  • Have a surrender value of more than £3000
  • Are 100% 'With-Profit'
Selling an endowment or Traded Endowment Policy (TEPs) for a price in excess of the policy surrender value is easy with Surrenda-link. If you are interested in endowment selling, then we've been selling endowments and buying traded endowments for endowment funds since 1990. To sell an endowment (whether endowment mortgages or mis sold endowments) contact Surrenda-link today and trust us to handle your endowment sale. When selling your endowment policy (whether AVIVA endowment, Scottish Amicable endowment, Friends Provident endowment, Prudential endowments, etc) please bear in mind that you also lose your life insurance cover.
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